#032 - first world bubble

1 hour 1 min by Bad Hombres N Chill Podcast |

on this weeks episode I tried keeping it a little short and tried rushing myself a little since I was working on a little borrowed time and tried sticking to my schedule...didn't really work out as planned. This weeks podcast episode is pretty much a recap of whats been going on around the world and my stance on certain things. I dab a little about the Confederate statues being taken down, the Rohingya genocide that is literally happening right now but for some reason, hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, and I al so have a semi epiphany on how Cannabis helps sort out of the bs that doesn’t matter in the world and what does...and my stand up Comedy, and how a tourist can be a real grade A retard sometimes. Oh I'm also starting this thing where every week I'll do a review on a Cannabis strain, this weeks strain review is on  the hybrid strain Alien Inferno (not as harsh as it sounds honestly)